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Register for the 2017 Affiliate Group Network Annual Meeting

As a leader in the RPCV community, you lay the foundation for your affiliate groups to accomplish goals and carry out the mission. The Affiliate Group Network (AGN) exists to set the stage for you, supporting your leadership efforts and enabling your groups to thrive. With nearly 170 affiliate groups and counting, our community reach continues to grow. Each year, NPCA coordinates an AGN Annual Meeting (AGNAM), which provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with other groups face to face. With the ability to crowd-source ideas and share your stories, the meeting seeks to address group challenges and enhance the value of group successes.

Over the last few years I have found the AGNAM to be time well spent. It is a great opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow group leaders. We all come together, once a year, looking for ways to make our individual organizations stronger as well as, a means to support the efforts of the NPCA. As RPCVs and leaders we understand the important role we all have in supporting of each other as well as Peace Corps and current volunteers.

- Elizabeth Isele, President of St. Louis PCA

The AGNAM will take place on Friday, August 4, 2017 in Denver, CO. By attending the meeting prior to the Peace Corps Connect conference, group leaders may extend their conversations and share ideas throughout the entire weekend. As Maricarmen Smith-Martinez says, "As your AGN Coordinator, I encourage you to take advantage of the collective knowledge of your peers and register today! To provide feedback or ideas relating to the AGNAM, please contact me at"

Review the draft minutes of the 2016 AGNAM.

See below for details on how you may be able to attend for free!


Welcome to Two New Affiliate Groups

NPCA is happy to announce two new organizations joining our Affiliate Group Network. With the addition of FEMA RPCV Affinity Group and Peace Corps House, the total number of NPCA affiliates working to continue to change the world is now 169! Please take the time to read about their missions and join us in welcoming them to NPCA.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) RPCV Affinity Group

FEMA RPCV Affinity Group will champion a lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals within the Emergency Management sector. That means that we will strive to support all RPCV’s at FEMA regardless of their employee type, location, or years of service. The FEMA RPCV Affinity Group has three specific goals that advance this mission:

1. Help Peace Corps volunteers at FEMA be the best that they can be;
2. Empower our members to thrive both professionally and personally;
3. Amplify the Peace Corps community’s impact in Emergency Management.

Under the umbrella of Peace Corps House, RPCVs may be called on as volunteers – once again – to participate in community-based projects, this time at home. In this spirit, the Peace Corps House would address the needs and aspirations of the local community with a broad array of comprehensive services and programs aimed to improve the lives of community members. Peace Corps House has three specific goals that advance this mission, starting in Washington, DC:

1. Help make DC more livable and a better place to grow up;
2. Serve the people in a DC neighborhood with effective social services;
3. Advocate for social justice.

Learn more about their mission at 

Update your group profile in NPCA's online directory

NPCA's online Affiliate Group Directory is a great way for potential new members to find and learn more about your group! Visit it here, find your group, and if needed, make updates. Watch the video below to learn how. 


Complimentary Registration for Peace Corps Connect

The annual Peace Corps Connect conference is the premier forum for networking and collaborating with fellow affiliate group leaders and other members of the Peace Corps community. In recognition of the contributions of our affiliate groups in championing Peace Corps ideals and continuing to impact the communities you serve, we are pleased to offer one complimentary conference registration for each NPCA affiliate group.

Hosted by National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) and the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Colorado (RPCVCO), the 2017 Peace Corps Connect conference will celebrate and build upon the great partnerships of the greater Peace Corps community.

Groups must maintain their active affiliation with NPCA to be eligible for this complimentary registration.

Group presidents (or those similarly named on your leadership team) should designate whom to receive the complimentary registration via this form. Registration instructions will be sent the following week.


#ProtectPeaceCorps Campaign Heats Up for the Summer

Last week the prospect of level Peace Corps funding got a big boost when 37 senators signed a Dear Colleague letter to Congressional appropriators requesting level funding for the Peace Corps, a strong show of bipartisan support following the Administration's proposal to cut funding by $12 million. (Read more.)

The Peace Corps community will need to step up their efforts as Congress decides on final spending levels throughout the summer. Affiliate Groups are an ideal vehicle for showcasing the Peace Corps' impact—during and after service, at home and abroad—to Congress. Picnics, service events, fundraisers, and meetings with Congress at district offices are just some of the ways you can engage lawmakers and encourage them to prioritize the Peace Corps.

Contact your local NPCA Advocacy Coordinator for the latest updates and news, and check out NPCA's #ProtectPeaceCorps campaign page for resources, materials and more ways to help ensure the Peace Corps has the resources it needs to fuel the next generation of American leadership. Need help getting started? Please contact J.M. Ascienzo, NPCA's government relations officer, at The future of the Peace Corps is in our hands. #ProtectPeaceCorps


Help us Showcase our Community

What have you accomplished lately? Do you have a member of your group you'd like to highlight? We love to publish news of recent outstanding achievements of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and others in the greater Peace Corps community in our quarterly WorldView magazine. Email text with your years and country of service to the NPCA’s Community News Editor, Peter Deekle, at Please include your telephone number and add a photograph, if you wish.



A friendly reminder to please join the weekly #ProtectPeaceCorps webinars at 9 PM Eastern on Tuesdays for updates, materials and resources, and more concerning NPCA's campaign to secure level funding for the Peace Corps and robust funding for International Affairs. Log-in info:
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,181419862# or +16465588656,181419862#
Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 181 419 862

Every group should have an Advocacy Coordinator. Don't have one yet? Designate one of your other officers to join in or contact us to designate your group's Advocacy Coordinator.

Coming Soon - Annual Group Renewal

You've been asking for it and we've been working on it: the annual affiliate group renewal. This is the time each year about now when we check in with each affiliate group to see how things are going. It's also a great time to let us know how we can help you thrive.

How can you prepare for it? Hopefully, you already have what you need and have been sharing it with your members. Then you'll just need to share it with us. What will be needed: an activities report and a financial report (if you handle any money) for calendar or fiscal year 2016. That's pretty much it. Stay tuned as to when and where to submit it. (And if you haven't yet done so, post those to your website and/or email it to your members.)


Back by demand:  Monthly Group Newsletter

Now back by popular demand: a monthly newsletter for NPCA affiliate groups. This landing page will always have the most recently updated headlines, but the crucial action items and deadline reminders will come directly to you once each month. In between, be sure to track news on this page and through the NPCA e-newsletter, Around the Well.

Are you a group leader and didn't get the newsletter? Contact us!

Affiliate Group News

Get on Board with NPCA's New Community Builder Platform

The new NPCA Community Builder platform is here and ready for NPCA affiliate groups to get on board!

The new platform - hosted by SilkStart - is an all-inclusive system for member management; website creation, hosting, and administration; communications and marketing; calendar and event organization; fundraising campaigns; and payments and invoicing.

Groups attending the Affiliate Group Network Annual Meeting (AGNAM) last week got a comprehensive introduction to the website/database platform and how it benefits groups. If you were not able to attend the AGNAM, please take five minutes on each of these two items:

  1. Watch this short video for an overview of the tools and features of this new platform.
  2. Complete and submit this short survey to assess your interest in and expectations of adapting the platform for your group.

For examples of websites that use SilkStart’s platform, please have a look at NPCA and NorCalPCA’s websites.

Thank you for completing the survey!

Ready to transition your group to SilkStart? Have questions about transitioning to SilkStart? Email


Helping Your Group Thrive

Permanent Group Emails

More and more groups are switching to "permanent" emails for their board members, e.g., Great! We encourage groups to consider that option, which facilitates communication between you, your members, NPCA and beyond. No more updates to make as your officers change.

If you have such permanent emails, we suggest that you use them to set up "permanent" accounts for those positions in the NPCA database. Go to our home page, click on "join now" in the upper right corner and fill in the required fields, including those permanent emails. Then contact us and we'll make sure they are linked to your group listing in the Affiliate Group directory. As your officers change, you just need to log into those records and update the names and they will automatically update on our website. Easy!


Membership Lists and Dues Deposits

On a monthly basis, NPCA compiles all of the affiliate group memberships that came through the NPCA community builder platform over the previous month, deposits payments directly into group bank accounts and sends membership lists to groups. Groups opting to use the NPCA's community builder platform for their own will be able to manage all of their members directly through the site. For all other groups, NPCA staff will email monthly reports directly to the group leaders as designated. December dues payments were deposited into group accounts on January 19, January dues payments on February 10, February dues payments on March 17 and March dues payments on April 27. Due to the platform upgrade this spring, the April and May remittance lists were delayed. Look for those in your bank accounts and emails at the end of June. Individual memberships in affiliate groups via NPCA continue to rise, so check your email for your group-specific membership list and your bank account for your deposit.

If you haven't yet done so, please designate your points of contact. Check your listing in the Affiliate Group Directory and, if necessary, let us know to update your listing.


Membership Renewals

Our new platform is automated to send out membership renewal reminders both 30 days and 10 days before each individual's renewal date, with a final reminder on the date the renewal is due. With the new platform and new look, some of those messages may be overlooked.  Remind your members to activate their profile, check their membership status and renew! We'll be sending some overdue reminders, but your members might appreciate a reminder from you, too!

Upcoming Webinars

#ProtectPeaceCorps - every Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern (see posting at left)


Webinars are held the first and third Wednesday each month at 8 pm Eastern. Have a topic to suggest? Want to lead a webinar? Contact NPCA.


Take our short survey on your group's interest in adopting the new NPCA Community Builder (SilkStart) platform.


Take action in support of Peace Corps!

NPCA Staff Calendar

We love meeting you all at group events. Do you have one coming up that you'd like one of us to attend? Drop us a quick invitation!

Be sure to add your group events to the community calendar!

Time-Sensitive Reminders

  • Take our short survey to Let us know your interest in our new NPCA Community Builder (SilkStart) platform

Groups that are forming

North and/or South Dakota - contact Tammie Harris at

Zambia - contact Joe Ford at

The Gambia - contact Vanessa at

Tonga - contact Joey at

Need some help forming a group or recruiting members? Contact us!

Groups recruiting new leadership

Friends of Benin - contact Adrienne McCloud at


Do you need some assistance getting your group up and running? Contact us!